Labeling & Packaging

When it comes to processed foods, we have to rely on what we see, and read, on the outside of the package. Yet much of the information that legal steroids that really work we need to make the healthiest, and safest, choices is obscured or deliberately kept from us by those who profit from our lack of awareness.

The struggle to label genetically modified food is the most egregious, but it’s only one example. While food products have never displayed so many symbols and statements proclaiming nutrition and health benefits, consumers are justifiably confused by much of that information, and in the regulatory chaos that governs food labeling, manufacturers are happy to exploit that confusion.

Consumers need the assurance that health claims on food packaging are indeed evidence-based statements reflecting significant scientific agreement (SSA) and not just fancy word-smithing. We need to be able to protect our children from poison packaging. We pay a premium for organic foods and deserve to have confidence in organic labeling.

And when more than 90% of us are calling for them, why can’t we have GMO labels?