Fight Back

Let’s Get Busy Together! 

Few of us can grow our own food today or obtain it from small farms where we know how it’s raised. Today our food sources are mostly supermarkets, restaurants, vending machines. And while we enjoy the conveniences of our modern industrialized food supply system, we’re also at its mercy.

As fewer and fewer big players have come to dominate this system, real food choice for the consumer is disappearing. We don’t really know what we’re eating anymore. In the absence of sufficient testing or monitoring to determine human health impact, we don’t even know that it’s safe. While the corporate food sector gets better at protecting its bottom line, the interests of the food-buying public are being ignored. Our environment is being degraded. Animals are being cruelly abused. Our tax dollars are being squandered. And we’re getting sicker.

Consumer power can bring about change. But we’ve got a fight on our hands!

  • To make the food industry more honest and transparent
  • To remind our elected representatives of their responsibility to the eating, and voting, public,
  • To redeem the FDA from the clutches of Big Food and Big Ag
  • To restore scientific integrity to food research and public health policy, and
  • To give our kids a fighting chance at good health and a long life.

We’ll need to get smarter, get together, and get busy. We’ll have to fight on many fronts. Most of us will have to pick a battle. But Americans are fighters. And each of us can contribute.

If you eat, this is your fight, too. Let’s start with the honest labeling of our food.

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Use the resources and links here at Great American Food Fight to educate yourself about food safety issues and food science research. Stay informed through this site and those of our non-profit partners about the technological and legislative developments that influence our food and our health.

The volunteer, non-profit and consumer advocacy groups that appear on these pages have been vetted by us. Most of them have long been in this fight. While we partner with them in supporting their efforts, we have no financial ties to them and do not profit in any way from their activities.

Our goal is to muster the troops. We want to raise awareness and help you find the place where you’re willing to stand and fight.


We need to fight on many fronts to bring about significant change in our broken food system. Some of those fronts are legislative, others are market-based. But our elected officials will never be able to withstand the influence of Big Food and its lobbyists without the American consumer at their backs. And there is no incentive for food manufacturers to change unless the consumer demands change.

Find the issue that concerns you most. Pick the one that’s closest to your heart or most relevant to your own family.

We know you’re busy. And resources are limited for many of us. But everyone can participate. Pick a battle. Be part of the change.



There are many ways to spread the word. Send email links to friends and family. Advocate on social media for the battle you’re fighting. Sign a petition, or start your own! Volunteer to help one of the organizations that are already fighting back on your behalf.


Most importantly, let your elected representatives know that you’’re paying attention when they vote for Big Food or Big Ag instead of your family’s health. Use our Who Represents You links to find your state’s officials. Weigh in on pending legislation. Make your voice heard.



In order for this site to be as informative and useful as possible, we’re relying on you to tell us what we’re missing. Do you need more information on an issue? Do you know other resources or new research that should be listed on these pages? Have we omitted your group, or another non-profit or consumer advocacy organization that is fighting on one of our Food Fight battlefronts? Have we missed important news?

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