About Us

Dr. Brent Baldasare
has been a leader in health & wellness for over twenty years. His passion for learning and teaching is contagious. What began as a young person’s desire to help people transform the quality of their lives has grown into Baldasare’s lifelong crusade.

Known for his smart straight talk about food and fitness, Dr. Baldasare helps you navigate through the hype of conflicting health information so you can enjoy great food, better health and a more hopeful future.

Dr. Baldasare is the co-founder of Affinity Integrated Health & Wellness Center located in Orlando, FL. He takes the science of wellness and turns it into an easy-to-follow health message that people can understand and live by. He is a frequent lecturer on college campuses and wellness seminars. He began this project with the intent of providing simple, sound nutritional advice to his audiences and patients, particularly to those who were struggling with obesity and weight-related health problems.

As many still are, he was originally convinced that the obesity epidemic was rooted in poor individual choices—a lack of exercise, ignorance about nutrition, and the failure to take responsibility for one’s personal health. He embarked on a personal quest to learn more about why Americans are becoming fatter, and sicker. THE GREAT AMERICAN FOOD FIGHT is the result of that quest.

Deep research into our horribly broken food system has convinced him that the obesity epidemic is not about gluttony and sloth. Rather it is being fueled by economic and biotechnical factors that insidiously influence our personal choices.

Dr Cynthia ParksDr. Cynthia Parks is an educator, writer, and researcher who has focused her interests in the last years on food science and food policy.

She is the mother of three, the grandmother of four, and, like you, a concerned consumer who worries about the new and ever-changing threats that our food systems poses to the health and development of our children